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Are you confused over which career path to take? There are far more choices now than ever before and that’s why we suggest you speak to one of our career counsellors to gather some advice.

Our team will happily talk to you about which qualification may be suited to your strengths and talents and what sort of openings are available once you’ve finished your studies.  Here at TrainSmart Australia we will look at your personality and what makes you tick.  We will also like to find out what you enjoy doing and whether or not your attributes could link you to a role you will enjoy.

Just click here and one of our career counsellors will get back in touch. Before you contact us, do some homework and tell us what you want in life, your hopes, and aspirations and where you’d like to see yourself in ten years’ time.

Remember our Career Counsellors can help you stay on track with your goals, explore different options and work out what’s important to you.  You will need to have put some thought into your future career but we can help fine tune the decision-making process.

As a nation, Australians are working much longer – into our late sixties and beyond. It is normal now to have several jobs throughout your working life.  That is why it is so important not to undervalue career counselling.

Remember at TrainSmart Australia once you have decided on your chosen course, we can help you land that job when you complete your qualification.  We are here to prep you for interviews and offer tips on writing a good resume and a powerful covering letter which will set you apart from the rest.   We have got plenty of links with industry itself as we run corporate training too.

So what’s stopping you from making contact now?  Remember career counselling counts!


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