Our community services students reveal what they think of their workshops

Online learning is a convenient and effective mode of studying, particularly for those who might have commitments – like family or work – that might otherwise exclude them from traditional study methods. That’s one of the reasons our diploma courses within the TSA College of Community Services are delivered online.

But as part of these diplomas, we also require students attend some mandatory mobile workshops in their state. This helps reinforce their learnings, introduces them to fellow students and gives them a clearer picture of how things will work once they finish their course.

So what do the students think of the workshops? Here’s what some CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling and CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services students had to say about their experiences, as well as their thoughts on our trainer Valerie:

“I just wanted to provide some feedback about the lovely and informative mobile workshops. Basing the workshop around practical counselling sessions is a fabulous idea and helped me understand the theoretical aspect of course. Thank you for providing me with so much support and enthusiasm to continue this course.”

“Coming to the workshop completely blank as I had not done anything yet, I found it very interesting and am so happy to have been a part of it. I found it very informative and a great benefit to all students present on the day. The role-playing was excellent, giving us a holistic picture of the module.”

“Valerie’s feedback for every student counsellor participating in the role-play was indeed a big help in the learning process of all students. She was so dedicated to sharing her skills and knowledge acquired through her years of experience, on top of her many qualifications in line with her area of specialisation. I am looking forward for the next encounter!”

“I’m so glad I attended the previous workshop. It gave me such a clear idea of what is expected of me during a counselling session, and the role-play helped us to practise our counselling skills in a relaxing environment. It was great to meet the other students and exchange feedback. All the teaching and tips from Valerie were very valuable because not all of it is found in the workbooks.”

I find the mobile workshops extremely beneficial. Not only are they fun, you also gain valuable skills and information for your chosen course. It’s also great to be around like-minded people. I always walk away feeling better than I did beforehand, and am always excited for the next workshop.”

“The workshop is well worth attending. It made the theory part of my study make more sense, and it really brought alive what I have learnt. It made me realise I have already learned so much within such a short space of time and made me eager to learn more. It was lovely also to meet new people who are all chasing the same goal.”

The workshops are so much fun! I enjoy being given the opportunity to practice the skills required to become a counsellor in a fun, friendly environment.”

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