Diploma of Project Management

Manage your career path to achieve greater results

Are you a natural organiser at home or running a group or society? If you enjoy being delegated with a project and ensuring its success from beginning to end then our Diploma of Project Management could be the course for you.

Diploma of Project Management course

What you will learn

The Diploma of Project Management will equip you with the necessary skills to deliver a project efficiently, with the right resources and manpower, on time and within budget. A variety of subjects will be studied including managing project scope and procurement, working within specific time constraints and managing project quality, human resources and communications. You will further develop your teamwork, and problem solving skills.

What are your career options with a Diploma of Project Management?

This course will make you suitable for a career in project management. There are a large number of PM roles across Australia partly because projects are now more globalised than ever before and have become a major part of a company’s business activities.

How you will study

The Diploma of Project Management is a nationally recognised qualification. Assessments are by way of written and practical assignments. You will receive training and assessor support throughout your studies and no formal entry requirements are needed for this qualification.

Student entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification. TrainSmart Australia will assess a students’ ‘academic suitability’ to ensure the student has the best chance of success. This is determined by either:-

  • The student providing TrainSmart Australia with a copy of an Australian year 12 Certificate; or,
  • The student providing TrainSmart Australia with a copy of a Certificate IV qualification (or above) or,
  • The student completing the Core Skills Profile for Adults online assessment passing at or above Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework in both reading and numeracy.

Cost of this course

The current course cost is $6,400.

Your fee payment options are:-

  • Self-funded payment plan – pay your course fee by credit card, cheque, eft, or cash.
  • VET Student Loan– Australian Government income contingent loan which allows you to study now and pay later.

VET Student Loan is available

VET Student Loan is an Australian Government loan program available to Australian citizens. For this Diploma of Project Management, you can borrow a $5,000 VET Student Loan which you will pay back once you are earning above a certain threshold.

The extra payment can be made up with $200 up front and $100 every month for 12 months. Alternatively, you can fully fund the extra $1,400 in one payment.

Units of study

Project Management Essentials Part 1

  • BSBPMG511
    Manage project scope
    Manage project time
    Manage project quality
    Manage project cost

Project Management Essentials Part 2

  • BSBPMG515
    Manage project human resources
    Manage project information and communication
    Manage project risk
    Manage project integration

Project Management Essentials Part 3

  • BSBADM502
    Manage meetings
    Manage people performance
    Manage personal work priorities and professional development
    Lead and manage team effectiveness

Complimentary services

Membership of the TrainSmart Australia student portal in which you will receive updates on class status, new facilities, promotions and social media updates.

For more information about the many benefits of learning with us at TrainSmart Australia, VET Student Loans or our complimentary career guidance service, simply submit your details online or call now on 1300 855 517.


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