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Make-up artist Gallery

Ever wondered how specialist make-up effects in movies, television, theatre and fashion are achieved? Behind every actor and model lies a talented make-up artist who’s no doubt undertaken a make-up artistry course to get to where they are. From camouflage and airbrushing to liquid latex and body art, make-up artists use a range of specialist techniques to achieve the unusual and stunning looks you see on stage and screen every day. Students of our Diploma of Screen and Media learn the ins and outs of these techniques, finishing their course in Perth equipped with the skills to work in the glamourous media industry anywhere in the world. Some of the make-up effects our students are taught to achieve include high fashion, wizard, warrior, fairy, period and avant garde. Check out our stunning gallery featuring the work of our talented screen and media students, who you can surely agree have very bright futures ahead of them!
Professional Photography by Aaron McPolin


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