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Why study with TrainSmart?

  • Our online courses are designed to fit in well around those who are working, caring for young children or plan on studying from a distance.
  • Abreast of the changing patterns and trends within IT, our trainers are experts in their field.
  • Our computer trainer will teach you to use the easy-to-understand and innovative online learning platform Moodle to help you work through the units and assessments.
  • We offer a double diploma option to give you a greater depth of skills and knowledge to offer potential employers  which means you learn more and pay less.
  • IT skills are always in demand, with roles expected to increase over the coming years.
  • A career in IT is universal, which means the skills you learn can be put into practice anywhere in the world.
  • Course content is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure you are studying the latest in IT practices and techniques.
  • To get a better understanding of your chosen subject, you will be directed to extra learning resources and encouraged to participate in regular webinars.
  • Because the industry is developing at a rapid pace, you can always build on your skills in this exciting industry.

If you like finding solutions and solving complex problems, you may want to study for one of our qualifications within our College of Information Technology. The world of technology is ever changing and touches every part of our lives.


Our Head of the College Dave Duval has worked in the IT industry for many years and has extensive experience in analytics, software and networking. He is also a qualified and accomplished IT trainer.


“It’s an exciting time to work within IT where new inventive technology systems take shape month by month. If you are a problem solver, creative and can think strategically, then you should look at studying one of our IT qualifications,” Dave says.


“We offer support and encouragement to ensure our students enjoy their learning experience. So long as there are problems within an industry that require a solution, the skills of an IT professional will always be in demand. It’s no surprise that IT specialists are among the most well-paid professionals in Australia.”


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