Policies & Procedures

Assessment Policy & Procedure

TrainSmart Australia is committed to ensuring that the process of assessment (including the recognition of prior learning) in all VET programs is conducted in accordance with the four Principles of Assessment (validity, reliability, fairness and flexibility) and the Rules of Evidence as endorsed by the National Quality Council.Read more

Statement Of VET Tuition Assurance

Under the provisions of Schedule 1A of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA), Part 3 of the Higher Education Support (VET) Guidelines, Division 4 of the VET Student Loans Act 2016 and Part 6 VET Student Loans Rules, TrainSmart Australia (the first provider) must comply with the VET Tuition Assurance requirements. This is to protect VET students in the event that TrainSmart Australia ceases to provide a VET course of study in which a VET student is enrolled.

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Competency Based Training and Assessment

The training and assessment methods used by SMR Learning Service Pty Ltd T/A TrainSmart Australia are based on competency standards. ‘Competency comprises the knowledge, skills and consistent application of that knowledge and skills to the standard of performance required in employment.’
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Fair Treatment and Equal Opportunity Policy

Trainsmart Australia is committed to providing fair treatment and equal opportunity for all individuals by ensuring that its programs and services are relevant, accessible, fair and inclusive.
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Complaints and Appeals

Trainsmart Australiais committed to developing and maintaining an effective, timely, fair and equitable grievance handling process which is easily accessible and offered to complainants at no charge. In so doing, we aim to:

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TrainSmart Australia is committed to upholding high standards of integrity and honesty. Plagiarism and cheating in any form is unacceptable and will be acted upon appropriately.

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Privacy Policy

Trainsmart Australia is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (that commenced inMarch 2014) under the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. This policy outlines how personal information provided to and collected by our organisationis managed. As part of our continuous improvement program, we will review and update this Policy to take account of new laws and technology, changes to our operations and practices and to ensure it remains appropriate to the changing education and training environment.

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Record of Participation Procedure


  1. On arrival at TrainSmart Australia clients are greeted by reception staff and advised to sign the Course Sign-in Sheet for the unit of competency relating to that day of training.
  2. In the training room, the relevant trainer for that day is also responsible for ensuring that every client in attendance has signed the attendance sheet, prior to the start of their training session.
  3. Absenteeism of clients from a session is noted on the attendance sheet.

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VET Student Loan Application Requirements Policy and Procedure

In accordance with the VET Student Loans Act 2016 and the associated VET guidelines, as an approved course provider, the following policy and procedural document has been drafted to provide clarity around the collection and verification of information for the purposes of, or in relation to, applications by students for VET Student Loans.

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VET Student Loan Withdrawal from Courses and Cancellation of Enrolment

In accordance with the VET Student Loans Act 2016 and the associated VET guidelines, as an approved course provider, the following policy and procedural document has been drafted to provide clarity around the processes and procedures for a student to withdraw from an approved course and the processes and procedures for cancellation of enrolment (Subdivision E—Withdrawal from courses and cancellation of enrolment, Subsection 86 and Subsection 87, VET Student Loan Rules 2016).

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Refund Policy – VET Student Loan Assistance Scheme

TrainSmart Australia Pty Ltd offers a fair and equitable refund policy that complies with all legislative requirements. Students are informed of all fees, charges, census dates and of the refund policy during the enrolment process. Information on the refund policy is also stated in the Student Handbook. TrainSmart Australia guarantees a sound financial position and safeguards all participant fees until used for training and or assessment.

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Student Handbook

Student Review Procedure

This policy provides the framework and mechanisms for TrainSmart Australia to assess applications to re-credit a student’s FEE-HELP balance after the census date in a VET Student Loans enabled course. The object of this policy is to provide clear guidelines on how students who have nominated to have their tuition fees paid under VET Student Loans may apply to have any VET Student Loan debt re-credited.

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Student Entry Procedure

This procedure was developed to implement a fair and transparent process for prospective students to follow when applying for a relevant course with TrainSmart Australia, which accurately measures core skills and ensures students have a strong chance of success are accepted into appropriate programs.

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