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Access and Equity Policy

Policy overview

TrainSmart Australia is committed to providing equal opportunity for all individuals by ensuring that its programs, services and employment opportunities are relevant, accessible, fair and inclusive.

TrainSmart Australia is also committed to providing a working and learning environment that values diversity, respects differences and is free from all forms of harassment, vilification and discrimination based on an individual’s sex, race, disability, sexual preference, age, political beliefs, criminal record or carers’ responsibilities.

This policy applies to all clients and prospective clients (including those entitled to VET Student Loan assistance), employees, clients, and stakeholders.

Policy Detail

TrainSmart Australia will endeavour to

  1. Promote programs and services to the community in a manner that includes and reflects the diverse client population.
  2. Ensure potential clients regardless of their background or circumstances will be assessed for eligibility to study through the same open, fair and transparent selection criteria specified in published course outlines, based on merit.
  3. Ensure that all prospective clients are well informed on the options available to meet their individual training needs thus increasing the skills base of the unemployed in the community.
  4. Ensure that each client receives clear information prior to enrolment in regard to
    • Client selection, enrolment and orientation procedures
    • Course information, educational and vocational outcomes
    • Fees and refunds
    • LLN requirements
    • Client support services
    • Flexible learning and assessment procedures
    • Recognition of prior learning arrangements and credit transfer
    • Clients’ rights, responsibilities and client related policies and procedures
  5. Ensure all potential clients who are eligible for funding under government programs or loan schemes, such as VET Student Loan, are advised of this at the time of application for enrolment.
  6. Ensure that teaching and learning resources are used in an ethical manner and reflect the diverse learning needs of clients.
  7. Take all possible steps to ensure that individuals are treated fairly and equally during the learning process and that decisions on assessment are based on objective evaluation against set criteria of the individual’s skills and demonstrated ability.
  8. Improve employability in line with the skills requirements of industries and enterprises.
  9. Provide equal employment opportunity to all persons within any aspect of an employment relationship.
  10. Eliminate policies, practices, structures, assumptions and any behaviours which may contribute to the disadvantages suffered by under-represented groups both in employment and in education.

The Client Handbook also contains reference to this policy and all clients are informed of access and equity issues through the client induction process. All staff are informed of this policy during their induction process and the information is made available in writing within the Employee Handbook. All staff are responsible for observing the guidelines stated in this policy.

This policy is approved by the Managing Director of SMR Learning Services t/a TrainSmart Australia.

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