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Appeals Procedures

You are invited to raise any issues with your training provider, which you believe impact, or have impacted your studies, or any concerns you may have about the service provided to you.

Appeals or concerns can be submitted to the assessment officer in writing, email, or by telephone.

If your concern cannot be resolved immediately, it will be referred to the general manager who is able to investigate and take some action on your issue. They will contact you so you know what action has been taken.

We aim to address all concerns in accordance with the principles of fairness. We will work hard to ensure that you feel safe and supported in raising concerns or appealsĀ so that you are not academically disadvantaged as the result of voicing concern. Equally, we will protect our staff form inappropriate or malicious behaviour.

Should you be unhappy with the result of the appeal procedure, you may take your concern to your employer, who will attempt to address the issue with us, and if this is not a satisfactory decision, you may utilise the services of the Small Claims Court, or the Disputes Tribunal.


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