The option to study now and pay later is available on all our accredited courses as long as the prospective student is an Australian citizen.  A loan to cover the course is provided through Vet Student Loans and any top up fees can be paid back through a payment plan.


Vet Student Loans are student income contingent loan schemes for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector that is part of the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP).

A VET Student Loan means that an eligible student will be able to pay for all or part of their VET tuition fee when studying an approved accredited VET course at a VET provider.

TrainSmart Australia is a provider of approved diploma level courses. There is a maximum amount you can borrow for each course. This cap rate is determined by the government.

A loan fee of 20% applies to full fee-paying students undertaking VET Student Loans.

The Australian Government pays the amount of a loan direct to a student’s provider. Students then repay their loans through the Australian taxation system once their repayment income is above the minimum repayment threshold. This minimum repayment threshold changes every financial year.

How do I apply?

TrainSmart Australia will provide you with the necessary forms to access this loan. You will need to provide a tax file number. Vet Student Loan will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility criteria.

Am I eligible for a VET Student Loan?

The following will make you eligible for a VET Student Loan.

  1. You need to be an Australian citizen, or a permanent humanitarian visa holder and reside in Australia or you need to be a qualifying New Zealand citizen.
  2. You need to be studying a diploma, advanced diploma or graduate course from an approved provider. TrainSmart Australia is an approved provider.


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