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The option to study now and pay later is available on approved courses. To qualify for VET Student Loan you must meet the eligibility criteria.


The VET Student Loans program is an income contingent loan offered by the Australian Government that helps eligible students pay for some vocational education and training (VET) diploma level or above courses. More information can be found at https://www.education.gov.au/vet-student-loans

A VET Student Loan means that an eligible student will be able to pay for all or part of their VET tuition fee when studying an approved VET course at an approved VET Student Loan provider.

TrainSmart Australia is an approved provider and offers diploma level and advanced diploma courses that have been approved under the VET Student Loans program. There is a maximum amount you can borrow for each course. This is known as the cap rate. The cap rate is determined by the government.

A loan fee of 20% applies to full fee-paying students undertaking VET Student Loans.

The Australian Government pays the amount of a loan direct to a student’s provider. Students then repay their loan through the Australian taxation system once their repayment income is above the minimum repayment threshold. This minimum repayment threshold changes every financial year. More information can be found at http://studyassist.gov.au/sites/studyassist/payingbackmyloan/loan-repayment/pages/loan-repayment

How do I apply?

TrainSmart Australia will guide you to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements. Where the requirements are met, TrainSmart will provide you with the necessary forms for completion to request access to a VET Student Loan.

Am I eligible for a VET Student Loan?

To be an eligible student for the purposes of accessing VET Student Loans, you must meet ALL of these criteria:

You are:

  • your FEE HELP balance is more than $0 and is sufficient to cover the amount you wish to access.
  • you have been assesed by Trainsmart Australia as academically suited to undertake the approved course on the basis of either:
  • providing your Australian Year 12 Certificate; OR
  • providing evidence of successful completion of an Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate IV or higher qualification (where the language of instruction is English); OR
  • displaying competence at Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework in both reading and numeracy through an approved Language, Literacy and Numeracy test.

In addition, your approved course provider must reasonably believe you show competence in completing the course.

  • You meet the Tax File Number (TFN) requirements.
  • You have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) or are otherwise exempt.
  • You have read the 2017 VET Student Loans information booklet (https://www.education.gov.au/vet-student-loans) (Information to students > VET Student Loans Students > VET Student Loans Information booklet 2017 (https://www.education.gov.au/information-vet-student-loans-students )
  • You have given the required documents to TrainSmart Australia and submitted the loan application form by the first census day no less than two business days after enrolling.



VET Student Loans commenced on 1 January 2017, replacing the VET FEE- HELP scheme. The VET Student Loans program offers greater protection for students and focuses on courses that address industry needs, creating better opportunities for employment.

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