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Hair today – gone tomorrow, Misty’s charity beard shave

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Four teachers who agreed to have their beards shaved off by Misty, a hairdresser at TrainSmart Australia’s salon Angelique Q, say they’re delighted with their new clean shaven look.

The charity shave-off at Trinity College in Perth was dreamt up by student William Gilbert who is a year 9 pupil. William, 15, went to Nepal in September 2014 and met two women at the helm of a charity for single mothers and orphans.

The Sacham Charity in the Boudha region of Nepal aims to give them a better standard of living. Since William’s visit last September, he has been raising money for the charity by busking and doing sponsored events. When the two earthquakes struck early this year, he decided to increase his fundraising efforts and now $5000 has been raised.

Some of this will go to students in the more remote region of Nepal who want to continue their education after the age of 16, but can’t afford too.

The four teachers at Trinity College in Perth volunteered to have their beards shaved off and Misty our hairdresser at Angelique Q, the salon affiliated to TrainSmart Australia, was more than happy to help.

Teacher of Humanities Anthony Lunt had grown and nurtured his beard for thirty years before volunteering to have it removed. “It’s great.  I can ride home tonight on my bicycle much faster now I have less facial hair – it’s more aerodynamic.”

He was joined by three other teachers Andrew Osmain, Dustin Ayrmore and John Oberton. John who became a father last year said: “I am slightly worried that my one-year-old son won’t recognise me but I do feel lighter!”

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John Overton, Dustin Ayrmore, Andrew Osnain and Anthony Lunt

John Overton, Dustin Ayrmore, Andrew Osnain and Anthony Lunt, get ready for the shave off

Hair today - gone tomorrow Hair today - gone tomorrow

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