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Is the ‘Insta face’ the beginning of the end for realistic expectations of makeup artists?

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We live in a world where perfect faces are everywhere on social media, particularly Instagram, what kind of pressure does that put on the modern woman and her self-confidence?

Is it realistic to expect to look like these women on Instagram who are layered with filters and photoshop so that not a single pore is visible on their faces….?

We are now living in an industry being forced by technology and extremely high standards.

We have all seen by now the ‘Instagram Aesthetic’ – Contour and highlight so defined the original face shape is unrecognisable, Brows so shaped and filled in that there aren’t any real hairs visible anymore, eyeliner wings that are so sharp they could cut you and lips so matte and overdrawn they would make you consider lip injections.

The ‘insta face’ is like looking at a bunch of clones. While there are many reasons to wear makeup, the main reason should be to enhance your own features and not completely alter everything in a mask like way.

The problem now begins when a client books me and once sitting in the chair produces a picture of someone ‘insta famous’. These ‘insta famous’ people are beautiful women, but what the clients don’t understand is that they don’t have the face shape, eye shape, brow shape or lip fillers the women in the pictures have. This then puts the makeup artist in an uncomfortable position of trying to explain that you can do the full coverage, slightly overdrawn lips, and colours of eyeshadows but that their eye shape may not allow for a cut crease or whatever the case may be. They see images like these all over Instagram and they think that if they do makeup like them, they will be beautiful when the truth is, the client is beautiful in their own way and doing makeup like the image on the client may not be the most flattering.

So my tips to stay on trend but be uniquely you, is to take elements of things you like about a look, be it the colour of eyeshadow, sculpted cheeks or matte lip and adapt it to suit the face and personality you have! Also remember the images are taken using fabulous lighting systems, filters and finally photoshop of some kind.

While trends are fun and can make an impact, timeless and classic wins out every time.

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Shannon Murphy

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