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Our new make-up artist is a stroke of genius

Oct 03, 2016

Category: Make-up Courses

Natalie’s nailed it! Why she loves manicures and make-up

TrainSmart Australia is pleased to announce the arrival of award winning creative make-up artist Courtney Hollins. Courtney will be teaching students on our Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up) course. Her creations have attracted worldwide attention. We spoke to her to find out what drives her passion for creative make-up.

Have you always had a creative streak?

I suppose art and make up go hand-in-hand. I was born and brought up in Margaret River and my love of art was evident from a young age. My teacher called my mum in for a meeting to discuss my talent when I was only 5 and I excelled at art throughout my school years right up until year 12. I was awarded numerous certificates and awards for my artistic skills, from pop-art to landscapes, craft and pottery.

How did you get involved in creative make-up?

I have always loved the Walt Disney movies and could draw every single Disney character imaginable. This animated/pop-art style of drawing is something which comes easy to me and has become my signature look with my make-up creations. When I studied my Diploma of Specialist Make-up I realised I was also very skilled at creating art on the human face. I received a top student award and this really gave me the confidence to pursue this as a career.

What is your favourite type of character you’ve ever created with your make-up?

A few really stand out including ‘Lego Lady, ‘Disney Princess’ and ‘Under the Big Top’. These have been very original designs and have been extremely popular when posted on social media sites and have received lots of shares. I enjoy character make-up as it gives me the opportunity to be creative with unique designs. I love covering both the face and body in make-up and if I can inspire others to ‘think outside the box’ and be creative that can only be a good thing.

Natalie’s nailed it! Why she loves manicures and make-up

Why are you looking forward to your new role as a trainer at TrainSmart Australia?

I wanted to be part of the Screen and Media course as I would love to inspire other budding creative artists. I hope to give them the confidence to be original, to try bold, creative designs and to stand out from the crowd with unique designs. Everyone has their own style and it’s my job to help them own it. With face and body art anything goes!

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