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Batman and Robin Hood come together on stage, thanks to our students

Jun 19, 2018

Category: News & Events

Special effect makeup work

Following on from their participation with the world-renowned ‘We Will Rock You’ show at his Majesty’s Theatre, our TSA College of Creative Arts students were again given more invaluable professional experience. This time, it was with the UWA Pantomime Society in their latest panto production of ‘Batman & Robin Hood’…

After witnessing the murder of his parents Bruce Wayne runs into the Gothingham Forest. There he meets Robin Hood and her League of Merry Men! Batman and Robin Hood is a story with action, heartbreak, betrayal and loss, and the latest in a long line of amazing shows from the UWA Pantomime Society.

Our students, who again did a magnificent job and of whom we are really proud, contributed with the special effects, creative make-up and wigs. It was an incredible experience and will only enhance their Screen and Media career development yet further.

From Priscilla Walton:

“We arrived on first day with “nerves of steel” the students set up their stations then it was all systems go. Poison Ivy, The Penguin, Two face (Harvey Dent), Cat Woman, The Riddler all intense characters requiring highly creative SPFX make-up.

The students were on point throughout the production, and I could not be happier with the results. The excitement was clear, there was a buzz in the air, work experience on a theatre show will do that, Chookas everyone!! Let the heckling begin.

Thank you to the UWA Pantomime Society for having the TSA students for another magical ride into the world of theatre, it has been incredible for all involved.”

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