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Masterclass Sculpting with David Willis from Augmented Creative – May 2018

David is an international lecturer conducting master classes and workshops in Australia, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, New Zealand, Sweden, France and Germany. Specializing in HD makeup, Airbrush makeup and makeup FX.

His credits include the Matrix trilogy, Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of the Clones, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, Superman Returns and House of Wax. His work has also appeared on runways from Los Angeles to New York to Sydney and in Harper’s Bazaar, Clear and Oyster magazines. He is also the Head of Makeup and Wigs at Universal Studios Singapore.

For TSA College of Creative Arts past and present students David gave a 32 hour monster making masterclass, creating our own clay sculpture. This course was designed for artists who have always wished to start sculpting and those that are already sculpting, looking to expand their technique and awareness of sculpting within the monster making world.Monster scultping class

Throughout the course we worked in the medium of Monster Clay, which is a clay requiring heating. We were required to have reference materials and drawings of the monster we were to create which would then be refined to the final product. We were taught about the importance of understanding the form/human and animal/anatomy, detailing and texturing and finally then block out before the refining of the look and detail sculpting.

We all started out a little hesitant of what we were in for as it was quiet daunting sitting across from such an amazing talent, I believe we all felt a little star struck for a second. Who wouldn’t be in awe of such a legend within the industry.

David made each of us feel comfortable and then it was on, we sculpted from 9 to 5. By the last day we were all exhausted but exhilarated as I don’t thing any of us could believe how far we had come.

What an adventure, what a week of learning, well worth the tired aching body at the end we all had a ball.

Thank you to David Willis for sharing his world with us, the stories told, the skills passed on and how lucky we all felt. Until we meet again for moulding and casting!!!

Sculpt and Blog by Priscilla Walton


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