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One in ten people aged over 55 have never used a computer

May 26, 2015

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The latest statistic to emerge about our workforce is that 10% of the over 55’s have never used a computer. A new report suggests older workers are risking redundancy and long-term unemployment because of poor technology skills.

The research comes from ‘The Association of Accounting Technicians.’ The professional body claims older workers are more prone to redundancy because they have poor technology skills and that training is ‘heavily geared’ towards young people. This led to a greater number of older people being earmarked for redundancy when companies started shedding jobs.

They warned that older workers should not become complacent and should ‘reskill’ to boost their job security.

Mark Farrar of the AAT said “Older generations are faced with the greatest barriers when it comes to reskilling. An increase in the retirement age means people are working for longer and they need to be prepared to embrace technology so they can continue to find work in the later stage of their lives’’.

One in ten people aged over 55 have never used a computer

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The accountancy body said older men were particularly vulnerable to job losses in the declining mining and manufacturing industries, while women were susceptible to cuts within the civil service.

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