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IT courses online

We offer a range of online short courses by recognised IT networking and software providers, who have been established a long time and recognised as leaders in their field. This includes Microsoft, CompTia Network and Cisco.

The training programs have been developed by industry experts to encourage student engagement and maximum learning.

You will learn online and will be assigned your own personal mentor and assessor who can guide and support you throughout your study experience.

Cisco courses provide technical training and professional development in courses suited to our digitally connected world.

CompTIA provides comprehensive training for those wanting to have a range of information technology skills.

Microsoft offers a wide range of programs designed to improve your IT skills.

People with ICT and networking skills are in short supply around the world. As more businesses invest in cloud computing, mobile devices and digital media, managers will want a workforce which is highly competent in technology experience.

Technology is all around us and by updating your IT skills you can use it to work in any sector you can imagine.


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