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Issue 3 April 2016

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016

Study time. Are you a night owl or lark?

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016It’s a question we are always asking ourselves, when is the best time to study to maximise learning? The answer is that each person is different and from a scientific view point there is no clear winner. There are some people who get more out of studying at night, while others prefer the morning. But here are a few things to think about, if you get a bit stressed about studying, then it is best to do it in the morning, ahead of any tasks so that your mind is fresh and energised. Research does suggest that younger people are better learning at night because they tend to stay up later and are into a more of a night-owl routine, whereas those aged thirty and over tend to prefer studying by day. There are no hard and fast rules, so it’s up to you to come to your own decision.

Interested in psychology and helping others?

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016If you’ve always had an interest in psychology, are fascinated by what makes people tick and want to make a difference to the lives of others, then you should consider studying our Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs. The Australian Government is making a significant investment in this area to help curb the problem. Research has shown that over the next decade, there will be three times the amount of professionals working in this area, so there are plenty of roles once you qualify. There is a tremendous amount of job satisfaction helping those to turn their lives around. You will study subjects directly related to industry needs, from counselling to you for working in this area. Speak to one of our Career Advisors to find out more.

The bright side of bad times

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016It won’t have escaped your notice but the economy isn’t exactly booming in Australia, but we are going to deliver some good news about why it’s great to graduate from a course when there is an economic downturn. A study funded by the European Research Council showed that men who graduate when there is a squeeze in the economy have better long-term health. Apparently that’s because they don’t engage in any risky behaviour at the start of their working life which can spread over years to come. An American survey also revealed that people who qualify in an economic downturn are more satisfied with their jobs. Apparently a little bit of lifetime adversity is associated with greater happiness.

Clinch that job while learning

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016Potential employees are always impressed by those who are seeking work while studying. Many of the students at TrainSmart Australia have managed to secure jobs while learning. One such person is Leanne Pearson who is 21. Leanne is studying for a Diploma of Business Administration and is half-way through her year long course and has just landed a job. “I am currently working in the office of a truck haulage company in Brisbane. I was very nervous during my interview but the Human Resources Manager was really interested in my studies. I know they saw that as a positive and it definitely helped me to secure the role”. Leanne says she hopes to stay with the company for a long time as she can see plenty of openings for career progression. It just goes to prove that you shouldn’t put off applying for jobs even when you are studying.

Be social when you study

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016There are around thirteen hundred students learning with TrainSmart Australia. We like to think we are one big family and that’s why we offer full trainer support. We also encourage you to share your experiences with fellow students. In this day and age you really need to harness the power of social media. Why not create a Facebook or Linked In group for advice sharing, assignment tips or constructive debates. As you become more comfortable in these discussions, you will bounce ideas off each other. Networking for online students is easier than you think, just speak to your Trainer and they will put you in touch with others. Don’t forget these contacts may also be handy when you job searching at the end of your course.

Career counselling counts

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016Are you confused over what career path to take? There are far more career choices now than ever before and that’s why you we advise you to speak to one of our Career Counsellors to gather some advice. Our team will happily talk to you about which qualification may be suited to your strengths and talents and what sort of openings are available once you’ve finished your studies. Just click here and one of our Career Counsellors will get back in touch. Before you contact us, do some homework and tell us what you want in life, your hopes and aspirations and where you’d like to see yourself in ten years time. We hope to hear from you soon.

Issue 2 February 2016

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016

Ten years of dedication to education

Happy ten year anniversary TrainSmart Australia! We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary and reflecting on what we’ve achieved in a decade. TrainSmart Australia was founded by Surinder Randhawa and Dilip Mehta who are still at the helm today. What started out as just one room with four employees has grown to two campuses on opposite sides of Australia with forty staff. We take great pride in the service which we provide to all our students, encouraging them through their career aspirations. CEO Dilip Mehta says “It’s all about quality and supporting our students. We go that extra mile to help. Much of our business is through referrals which speaks volumes”. To celebrate our success we recently enjoyed a special rooftop party at Kings Park in Perth and on the harbour front in Sydney.

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016

You’re hired! Here’s an industry where you’ll be guaranteed work

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016Want a guaranteed job where your help and involvement makes a real difference? As people live longer the aged-care profession is continuing to expand. Those born after the second world war are now entering their twilight years, meaning that there will be a huge need for community based carers and support for dementia patients. By 2050 a staggering 25% of Australian’s population will be aged 65 or above. There will be a huge need for carers and ancillary services. If you want to future-proof your career, you should consider studying either our Diploma of Community Services or a Diploma of Mental Health which will qualify you for working in this area. Speak to one of our Career Advisors to find out more.

How your gender affects your job search

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016We know that men and women are drawn to different career paths but did you know there are some very marked differences in the way men and women conduct their job search? Men utilise social media far more than women in their job hunt, are twice as likely to fabricate references and also are more confident in applying for jobs even if they don’t meet the criteria. Recent research shows that 52% of men ask for a higher salary during the recruitment process compared to 47% of women.

Baby boom equates to jobs boom

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016There has never been a better time to study childcare in Australia and pursue a career in this area. The Australian Government is encouraging more mums back-to-work by offering childcare rebates. The country is also experiencing a baby boom with a staggering 21.5% increase in babies being born since 2002. Birth numbers are setting new records and are now exceeding 300,000 a year. If you have thought about working with children, then you should look at enrolling onto our Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care which will qualify you in all aspects of looking after small children. So if you want a career where jobs outstrip supply, then this is the course for you.

Meet Gavin steering his career in a new direction

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016There are around one thousand students studying with TrainSmart Australia and some are so impressed with their learning experiences they come back for more. Gavin Hunter from Clarkson in Perth has recently completed his Diploma of Management and now wants to study the Diploma of Project Management with TrainSmart Australia. Gavin said he was most impressed by the commitment shown by his trainer. “My mentor was Peter Cummins who really inspired and motivated me. I Skyped him a lot. When I was struggling, he gave me the encouragement I needed.” Gavin, who wants to take up a managerial position within the construction industry, also liked the on-line study system. “The Moodle package was just excellent, very easy to use with terrific graphics. I would have no hesitation in recommending TrainSmart Australia to anyone else”.

How to nail that job interview

TrainSmart Newsletter February 2016You know the old saying ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’? That’s always the case when meeting someone for the first time, especially when it comes to a job interview. Remember to dress for success, wear smart, interview appropriate clothes and ensure you have clean hands and fingernails. Always shake hands as you exchange initial greetings – this even applies if your interviewer doesn’t offer his hand – extend yours as a sign of good will. Try not to umm and err, if you need a bit of time say “that’s a great question” before launching into your answer. Don’t slouch, sit up straight and when you leave be appreciate, thank your interviewer for his time and conclude by shaking his hands once more.

Issue 1 December 2015

Leavers celebrate on Rotto

Leavers celebrate on RottoOn the 25th November, the team at TrainSmart Australia travelled to Rottnest to meet leavers celebrating the end of their exams and the end of their time at secondary school. We decided to help them celebrate this milestone. With large inflatables in the sea and a foam pit for them to frolic in, further education was perhaps not at the forefront of their mind; but we invited them to speak about their future career options. We handed out goodie bags filled with sweets, water and information packs and ran a series of competitions giving away vouchers to our beauty studio Angelique Q on Hay Street in Perth. With youth unemployment hovering around 20%, many youngsters are deciding to further their studies and that’s where TrainSmart can help. We offer a variety of qualifications with full trainer support so there’s nothing to stop you from choosing your study path straight away.

Exclusive, pre-Christmas offer, ‘Pamper Hampers’ direct from our beauty salon in Perth

Pre-Christmas offerSpoil yourself or someone you love with a beauty-full gift idea. We have lovingly put together a variety of ‘Pamper Hampers’ which can be ordered direct from our hair salon Angelique Q on Hay Street in East Perth. Inside these lovely hampers you will find moisturising creams, salt scrubs, candles and nail polish. Beauty packs also available ranging from just $19.95. Orders to be placed by 15th December. For more information – call direct on (08) 9225 5030.

Born a great leader or do you become one?

Born a great leaderHave you got what it takes to be a leader? The most successful ones are great decision makers. There is a commonly held belief that people are born natural leaders but a recent study in America has disproved this theory. Leadership experts Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan researched the progress of 88,000 managers who underwent leadership development training. They looked at those who returned from training and noticed how those who took on board the skills they had been taught, were much more effective leaders than those who didn’t put into practise the methods they’d studied. At TrainSmart Australia we offer the Diploma in Leadership and Management and the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management. Both courses will give you all the skills you need to step into a managerial role and to guide and give encouragement to others.

Accountants are anything but dull and here’s the evidence

AccountantsThere’s been a long standing misconception that accountants are dull, grey suited middle aged men who crunch numbers all day. But we have evidence to prove otherwise. Now accountants go way beyond balancing the books and are the brains behind the ‘strategy’ of business, government or, indeed, individual households. As long as there’s money, people will always need an accountant! Over the next five years a staggering fifty thousand jobs will be created in this profession in Australia as the industry grows and established accountants retire. This profession uses skills such as problem-solving, leadership and team-working with many accountants reporting that their job satisfaction comes from contact with people. Our Diploma of Accounting covers four main areas incorporating preparing financial reports, forecasting, using new accounting systems such as Xero and Excel and understanding taxation. There’s never a better time than to think about a career in accountancy.

People person? Try these two new courses

Try these two new coursesTrainSmart Australia has added two more courses to its scope which falls under our School of Health and Services. The Diploma of Mental Health is ideal for those wishing to take up a career in counselling. The Diploma of Community Services would suit someone who wants to work with homeless and vulnerable people, those who have disabilities or who are ex-offenders. This course will equip you with real-world skills and you’ll be asked to complete 100 hours of unpaid vocational placement. Both are offered with VET FEE-HELP and full trainer support.

How our work life will change in 2016

Work life will change in 2016As we near the end of another year , it’s timely for us to see how are working lives have changed and what the future holds for us in 2016. Gone are the days of the office nine to five and a job for life with pension and perks. Companies have become ‘remote friendly’ and this trend will continue with many building workforces where employees will be encouraged to work from home wherever possible. There will also be more opportunities for part-time working, job sharing and flexi hours. Opportunities for freelancers and consultants will grow. Australia is fast becoming a nation of business owners and self-employed freelancers. Since 2008 84% of the increase in self employment has been among the over fifties. With a prediction that in 2050 the world will be seven times richer, with 9 billion people on the planet with the average person living to be a hundred, there’s no doubt about it we may be expected to retire later in life too.

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