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Tracey-Lee goes from wedding organiser to wedding make-overs

Oct 19, 2016

Tracey-Lee is extremely creative and keen to learn, she is already organising her home salon. She’s been telling us why this course suits her on so many levels.

Here at TrainSmart Australia, we pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive from our students.

Tracey-Lee Thomson

“I have always enjoyed putting make-up on my friends and when my friend joined up to do this course, I decided to study with her.

What has amazed me is the variety. I thought I’d like the make-up but I am really enjoying the massage element of this course. When you are giving someone a massage, you get into the zone, it’s like you get into a mediative state yourself which is extremely relaxing.

I suppose I do have a creative streak, prior to undertaking this course I was a wedding decorator which meant I was involved in preparing venues for weddings, looking at decorations etc. I really enjoyed my time doing this and only left when the owner sold the business.

Long term I’d like to run my own beauty therapy business from home. Believe it or not I have bought a caravan and intend kitting it out to make it my own salon. I’m already practising on my Mum. She is a carer and as she is on her feet all the time she appreciates some doing some reflexology.

No two days are ever the same, I do enjoy this course, and it’s great being in the city with the views of the river.”

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