Refund Policy – VET Student Loan Assistance Scheme

Policy statement

TrainSmart Australia Pty Ltd offers a fair and equitable refund policy that complies with all legislative requirements. Students are informed of all fees, charges, census dates and of the refund policy during the enrolment process. Information on the refund policy is also stated in the Student Handbook. TrainSmart Australia guarantees a sound financial position and safeguards all participant fees until used for training and or assessment.

Policy coverage

This refund policy applies to all students who are enrolled in a VET Student Loan approved course at TrainSmart Australia that have taken a VET Student Loan to cover partially or fully their tuition fees.

Policy detail

If a student withdraws from a VET unit of study on or before the relevant census date:

  • TrainSmart Australia will refund any VET tuition fees where the student has paid for that VET unit of study. All notifications from the student must be received in writing or by e-mail
  • The student will not incur a VET Student Loan debt

This does not apply where VET tuition assurance arrangements have been activated and the student has elected the VET course assurance option for that unit.

If a student withdraws from a VET unit of study after the relevant census date:

  • No refund is applicable and/or
  • The student will incur a VET Student Loan debt

A student who withdraws after the census date for a VET unit of study may apply for special circumstances in line with Student Review Policy for Re-Crediting a VETSL Balance for a VET Student Loan Enabled Course.

A census date that is no earlier than 20% of the way through a VET unit of study will be set by TrainSmart Australia for each unit of study. The census date for each unit of study will be made available on the website www.tsa.edu.au

For information on policy and procedure regarding withdrawals, refer to VET Student Loan Withdrawal from Courses and Cancellation of Enrolment available on the TrainSmart Australia website www.tsa.edu.au.

This Refund Policy is made publicly available on TrainSmart Australia website: www.tsa.edu.au. The Student Handbook also contains the reference to this policy and all students eligible for VET Student Loan are informed of the refund policy through the student induction process. Members of staff are informed of this policy during their induction process and the information is made available in writing within the Staff Handbook. They are responsible for observing the guidelines stated in this policy.