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Get one year off your university study!

As a Trainsmart Australia student you can now fast-track your learning, thanks to an advanced standing agreement with Edith Cowan University (ECU).  You can shave off up to a year of your bachelor’s degree if you complete a diploma[...]

Jobs and Skills WA: How does it benefit you?

If you’ve never heard of the Jobs and Skills WA program, listen up: it could completely change your career. Jobs and Skills is the WA Government’s commitment to training more people in areas identified as being in high demand,[...]

How do I choose a college to study an online course?

We are living in a world where we are faced with choices every day. It’s nearly impossible to say how many decisions we make day-to-day but a Google search shows that an adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions[...]

What does a beauty therapist do?

A beauty therapist specialises in beauty treatments for the face and body and is responsible for helping clients make the most of their physical appearance.  These treatments help clients feel more confident about themselves and less stressed. What makes[...]

How to become a great mentor?

Have you ever had a mentor? What was the best thing that stood out for you about your mentor? What did you achieve with this person? Would you agree with me that everybody needs a Mentor? My mentors came[...]

What is time management and how to improve it?

Many of us want to be more productive within certain time constraints, but it’s not that easy to achieve. Remember, you cannot manage time.  No one ever did, and no one ever will. All you can do is manage[...]

3 Simple steps for online learning success

Okay, so you signed up for your course and your head is still spinning with the endless possibilities on completion. After all that was the main reason you took that leap of faith to study online. Yet there you[...]

Top marks for TrainSmart Australia from Double Diploma student

We always like to receive feedback from our students as we like to find out about their learning experience. We recently heard from Angela Surtees who was enrolled into two separate qualifications, a Diploma of Business and a Diploma[...]

Find out how we brought real- world industry experience to our students

I have several years’ experience in creative make up, it’s my passion and I love sharing my knowledge with others. I wanted the screen and media students to appreciate what it’s like creating theatrical designs within time constraints and[...]

How many job titles exist? To be precise 1,166

Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to how many different job titles there are in Australia?  Well according to the website there are about 1,166 but new ones spring up all the time while some of[...]

Which career makes you the happiest?

Want to know who enjoys their job the most? Well, recent research has shown that it is not always those who earn the most who have the most fulfilling, satisfying and happiest jobs. The newspaper Guardian Australia analysed various[...]

One lifetime – six career changes?

One lifetime – six career changes? Research has shown that the average Australian has as many as six different careers in a lifetime. Yes that’s correct, not six different jobs but six different career paths. That’s a far cry[...]

What is the most effective way to boost your career?

We have the answer to the above question. I am going to give you a moment to think about what one thing will help you get more out of your career…….. Still not sure what it is? Well, I[...]

Why are women better learners than men?

The statistics speak for themselves, research has shown that women appear far more committed to learning and do better at studying than their male counterparts. It may seem a harsh statement but it’s the truth. Here are ten other[...]


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