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Since 2007, TrainSmart Australia has delivered quality training to thousands of people across Australia – including 61,000 hours of face to face training (as indicated on the government website Whether you are a job seeker with aspirations to join the workforce with an increased set of employability skills, or an existing worker wishing to upskill or gain formal skills recognition, TrainSmart Australia has a wide range of training choices for you.

New Skills for the New Economy

We encourage you to embrace the ‘new economy’ where jobs of the future will be highly automated, with high level skills needed by the workforce to operate the technology that supports its automation. It doesn’t matter which industry or business sector you choose to work in; it is vital your career aspirations keep pace with the needs of a rapidly changing future.

Whether you are 17 or 70, we have training courses to meet your needs and enhance your career and lifestyle prospects. If you are looking for a leadership, managerial or business pathway, our Advanced Diploma of Management, Diploma of Management, Diploma of Business and Diploma of Project Management courses can provide you with the skills you need.

Information Technology is another area we have specialised expertise in and especially in emerging technologies. As a Microsoft IT partner we provide training on the latest software tools most commonly found in the workplace – and offer IT courses such as the Diploma of Information Technology General and Diploma of Information Technology Networking – combined with Microsoft Industry Certification, to further enhance your career progression and employment prospects.

Train Smart, Work Smart

We are confident you will enjoy and truly benefit from the quality training, support and ongoing employability skills offered by TrainSmart Australia. And we can assist you in meeting your personal and professional goals – by providing you with flexible high quality training courses – together with the ongoing support of our highly skilled and qualified trainers and mentors.

Because we recognise that choosing the right course is an extremely important decision, TrainSmart Australia also provides complimentary one-to-one ‘career counselling’ – to better determine which course best suits you and your needs – and to ensure you can reach your full potential.


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