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Manuao TeAotonga

I have been involved in professional and community theatre for more than 25 years as a performer, director, choreographer, backstage crew and a makeup artist.

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Shannon Murphy

After attaining her International Diploma in Makeup 10 years ago in her home country of Ireland, Shannon has always had a desire to teach the Diploma course.

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David Bunney

I love the job I do. My aim in life is to ensure that people become more successful so that they then have the ability to help others. I want them to reach their full..

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Lorraine Schaefer

Work doesn’t feel like ‘work’ for me as I get a real buzz from mentoring others and watching them flourish. Everyone has great potential and my role is to see them develop..

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Pambela Gum

I have always felt that things happen for a reason. My own career has been quite varied and many of my students have decided to change roles and retrain at a later age and I love being..

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Sara Reddy

I am the head of department for the Health and Community Services Faculty at TrainSmart Australia. My role is extremely satisfying as I am empowering people and encouraging them to..

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Dr Vidhu Sharma

I teach body treatments on the Diploma of Beauty course. As a child I only ever had one ambition, which was to become a doctor. I grew up in India and sat my medical entrance..

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Priscilla J Walton

My love of make-up goes back to when I was 15. I would produce my own eye shadow and lipstick from berries and charcoal mixed with aromatherapy oils and trial it on my family.

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