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David Bunney

David Bunney

I love the job I do. My aim in life is to ensure that people become more successful so that they then have the ability to help others. I want them to reach their full potential and achieve the lifestyle of their choice.

I have set up and established more than a dozen businesses in areas such as catering, manufacturing and IT. I have always been guided and supported by mentors, and now I pass on my skills and share my knowledge to students at TrainSmart Australia. My specialist areas are business and leadership.

I am a published author with a bestselling book and e-book ‘Success Leaves a Trail’, which has been in the Amazon top ten. I am also a motivational speaker and talk to various audiences around the world.

Many of the students at TrainSmart Australia have benefitted from my webinar sessions where I encourage them to take control of their lives and to be successful within their own right. They may be too scared to take the leap to set up their own business, but I guide and advise them so they can be their own boss.

I also encourage my students to think ‘outside the box’. We can all make money through what I call ‘active income’ such as our day-to-day salaried jobs, but there are also many opportunities to make money in passive ways such as selling on eBay or other internet sites, and investing in property.


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