Julia Devos

Allied Health Trainer

Community Services Courses

Julia Devos is a Work Placement Coordinator and Allied Health trainer at TrainSmart Australia. Her focus is on Recovery, work placement and Crisis Intervention units.

Julia graduated from the University in Ghent, Belgium, as an Educational Scientist where the focus was on how to change the environment to suit the person. She completed placements in psychiatric wards and six months in a Juvenile Detention Centre in Peru. She then made her way to Australia and worked for Safe Places for Children, the Department of Child Protection, Richmond Wellbeing, Working to Recovery Australasia and Life Without Barriers. This included roles such as support worker, recovery educator and recovery house manager.

Her training experience is mainly focused on Recovery Education, Critical Reflection and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Julia is passionate about reducing mental health stigma, Recovery practice and community-based solutions.

What does Julia teach?