Nicolaas Kruger

Information & Technology Trainer

Nicolaas Kruger- Diploma of IT Trainer at TrainSmart Australia

Nicolaas Kruger is TrainSmart Australia’s IT trainer.

Having worked in the IT industry for over 39 years, Nicolaas contributes an amazing skill set and knowledge to TrainSmart and our students. Prior to joining TrainSmart, Nicolaas worked for the Department of Post and Telecommunications as well as some amazing businesses, such as Datec Trust, Ames Training & Resources Centre, Brilliant Computer Solutions, and many more.

Nicolaas has obtained a variety of different Microsoft Certifications, all in his own spare time, which highlights his passion for the Information Technology industry.

Nicolaas says;

“TrainSmart Staff are all excellent people to work with, because they all love their jobs and our students.”

What does Nicolaas teach?