Paige Boyatzis

Allied Health Trainer

Paige Boyatzis is an Allied Health Trainer at Trainsmart Australia, and a Wellbeing Community Support Worker. Paige works mainly with people who hear voices, assisting a person in developing better relationships with their voices to be able to live well with them. Paige completed an education in Psychology (Curtin University), and credits Consumers of Mental Health (and the Hearing Voices Movement) with teaching her about how to work progressively with this experience.

Paige has also had experience running programs for young people exploring music and emotion and is interested in how storytelling helps to make sense of emotion. She has co-facilitated Hearing Voices groups alongside people with lived experience, delivered recovery training across Perth and outer regional areas, and managed a Recovery House exploring highly communal approaches to healing and recovery.

Paige has specific interests in progressive ways of understanding emotional distress, those that look beyond the biomedical model of mental health to better understand a person’s life story, and ways to recover that are diverse, in connection with the community, creative, and truly person-centred. Paige’s interest in teaching stems from the belief that change in wellbeing services is possible, and begins with learners being able to envision and do recovery work in ways that fully embrace the knowledge of people with lived experience.

What does Paige teach?