Pambela Gum

Pambela Gum

I have always felt that things happen for a reason. My own career has been quite varied, and many of my students have decided to change roles and retrain at a later age. I love being part of this journey, encouraging them as they learn new skills.

I have a number of students I support and mentor who are studying business and leadership and management.

For many years, I was involved with a local Chamber of Commerce initiative that encouraged business development and growth amongst local communities. I have also worked with Job Network, now Job Services Australia, providing support and assistance to the unemployed. When someone has been out of work for a while, they lack confidence because they feel their skills are out of date. I love seeing them flourish and gain new knowledge to re-enter the workforce.

I joined TrainSmart Australia in 2013. I focus on nurturing and encouraging my students so they are better placed to transition into well-paid jobs. I am available to help them with any queries 24/7, at night time or even weekends.

Outside of work, I am a marriage celebrant. A wedding ceremony is an exciting event and it’s an honour to join a loving couple together and to set them on their new journey as one.

I am an advocate of healthy living and go to the gym before I start work. On the weekends I enjoy taking long walks or riding my bike. My philosophy is a healthy body makes a healthy mind, and is the key to a happier life.


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