Pricillah Santosh

Information & Technology Trainer

Pricillah Santosh - Diploma of IT Trainer at TrainSmart Australia

“It’s not the certification or degree that gets your foot in the door to IT world. It is finding creative ways to apply the knowledge and the skills learnt to solve problems and build things.”

Pricillah joined TrainSmart in 2019 after working as a Trainer and Assessor, as well as an IT professional for 15 years. Pricillah has specialised training in Networking (Cisco), Microsoft Windows Server and Desktop products, and nearly 8 years of experience in IT Tech Support.

In her career, Pricillah has been on a steep learning curve, learning new skills, technologies, adapting to different learning systems all around the world, and handling students and professionals from diverse backgrounds. In the last 7 years of her work experience in Australia as an IT Trainer in the VET industry, Pricillah has gained solid experience in competency based training and assessment.

In every role Pricillah has held, she aims to deliver her best to enhance the skills and knowledge of her students learning outcomes, gaining her an excellent reputation within the IT training industry among students and peers alike.

What does Pricillah teach?