Rosie Ryan

Rosie Ryan

Volunteering from a young age, I always felt enormous satisfaction from being involved in life situations that made a difference. As cliché as it sounds at times, as I have journeyed through life, I feel my purpose is to promote the strengths of others and contribute to make the world a better place.

I began my career as a crisis case worker within the family violence sector as I have always held a strong interest in social cohesion and equity. As a parent myself, I understand the unique challenges that family life can bring. My passion has always been to help families build strong support networks that support healthy relationships. Within my role working with disenfranchised families, I always felt enormous gratitude being able to help families who were going through enormous challenges, yet finding the courage and strength to get up every day and strive for a better tomorrow.

I am passionate about assisting others to reach their full potential, and I always feel extremely grateful in my teaching role to empower students to achieve career satisfaction within this field.
I love teaching! After working within a therapeutic counselling setting for many years, both within private practice and within the social services sector, I have been in the lucky position for the past 3 years to be teaching the Counselling and Community Services Diploma qualifications.

It is extremely gratifying to see the progress students make and know that you have been instrumental in assisting them to reach their goals and to go through life with their own pot of knowledge so they can help others to make a real difference in this world.


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