Stuart Barrett

Business & Management Trainer

Stuart Barret - Online Business Trainer at TrainSmart Australia
As a trainer/assessor with TrainSmart Australia, Stuart prides himself on being able to work in an industry that rewards him for helping people realise their potential and setting them on their way to achieving great things.
When asked about being a trainer with TrainSmart Australia, Stuart said;

“I have been around long enough to have experienced and learned a lot. In one role or another I’ve been involved in training and education in the private and government sectors for most of my working life.”

In his spare time, Stuart likes to focus on putting his passions and skills to good use by supporting organisations and projects that he really cares about, such as Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, a support service for homeless and disadvantaged people. Why? Stuart believes that everyone experiences failure and adversity; we’re all subject to the rules of gravity and averages. Or, as Plutarch said,

“The future bears down upon each one of us with all the hazards of the unknown”.

What matters is how we respond to what life throws at us, and how we stay motivated to keep going.

For that reason, Stuart has always been keenly interested in goal-setting and motivation. Because behind every goal is the drive to be happy and fulfilled.

What does Stuart teach?