Vidhu Sharma

Allied Health Trainer

Community Services Courses

Vidhu is an Allied Health Trainer here at TrainSmart Australia. Vidhu finds it very rewarding to mentor and train students in various fields like Community Services, and Mental Health, and Aged Care.

Vidhu is a well-respected member of the Community, dedicated to selfless work on community projects working for the betterment of the Community, and is also a mentor and life coach for younger people. Vidhu is alsothe proud recipient of the “Community Citizen of the Year” award on Australia Day in 2020.

Vidhu continues to dedicate her life to Community Services, selflessly following her passion for philanthropic work, and dreams to bring about a change in the world which she anticipates to be free of suffering, miseries, violence and negativity, thus bringing about a change in people’s lives and making a difference. She considers the youth of today as the flag-bearers for the future, hence her work as a Trainer and Assessor.

Vidhu says,

Imparting education is very rewarding and fulfilling for me.


Vidhu’s qualifications:
Ayurvedic Practitioner from India

Diploma in Community Services

Diploma in Mental Health

Certificate IV in Ageing support

Certificate IV in Mental Health

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

What does Vidhu teach?