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Corrol Wood

Corrol Wood student review Trainsmart

Age: 44


I am one of the more mature students here at TrainSmart Australia. For many years I worked in the community  I used to be the co-ordinator for a kids after-school group, and then worked for a government organisation helping those on a low income. However,the job wasn’t very stable and there were always concerns that funding would be withdrawn. I have always enjoyed make-up and after speaking to Matt, one of the career counsellors here, I soon realised that you’re never too old to learn a new subject. I am studying the Diploma of Beauty Therapy and the Diploma of Screen and Media, so I am learning so much and I love it. What I really enjoy is how make-up can make people feel so good. It gives them the ‘wow factor’  a boost  which gives me a lot of satisfaction. Long term, I’d like to have my own salon. My family has been very supportive of my desire to retrain in later life. My 26-year-old daughter has given me a spray tanning unit and my sister has given me a waxing kit, so there’s no stopping me now.


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