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Leanne Bradbury

Leanne Bradbury

Age: 21

Red Bank Plain, Brisbane

I was going to go to university but I had a gap year out and started working at MacDonald’s. As part of my role I had to do some administration work for the company and realised I enjoyed this line of work. This led to me signing up with TrainSmart Australia to study a Diploma of Business Administration. The course is so easy to digest and I get on so well with my trainer Lorraine Schaefer. She is more like a friend and is extremely positive, motivates and inspires me, with the most infectious laugh! She’s also there to help when I am tackling some difficult units. I am halfway though. The learning videos are very enjoyable and I think studying this course has helped me to secure my current job in a truck haulage company. At the interview they said they were very impressed by my commitment to studying. I’d like to stay with this company for a while as I can see plenty of opportunities to progress further up the career ladder.


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