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Natalie Kilpatrick

Natalie Kilpatrick

Age: 21


What appealed to me was that I could access the Beauty therapy course using a government loan. This meant I could start immediately and pay back the loan when I was earning a certain income. I have always been fascinated by make-up and this course has been great.

My favourite part of the course is the make-up element, especially bridal make-up where it is subtle and not too extreme. I really have to think about the colours I am applying and concentrate on eyebrows and eyelashes. I also like doing manicures.

All the trainers have such patience; it is a steep learning curve but I am enjoying it. My long term aim is to get a position within a retail store and eventually work for myself from a home-based salon. I would also like to experience life as a beautician on the cruise ships.

Every day is different and I do enjoy studying with TranSmart Australia, we have a lot of fun!


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