Chizelle Homan // Diploma of Beauty Therapy

I was a client for the students and my experience was amazing, the students were so well presented and knew exactly what they were doing and answered all my questions I had with great detail.

The trainers were very kind and helpful when needed, the experience and structure of the class encouraged me to sign up for the Diploma of Beauty Therapy. As a student, I absolutely love the classes and the wide variety of practical work that is offered, I’ve gained so much knowledge in just a few months already.

Monica my trainer is so helpful and explains all we need to know in such great detail, she is always right there when I need a hand and she is always so patient with the students. I feel that when I finish the Diploma I will be confidant enough to go straight into the workforce as we are regularly doing clients and building our experiences and confidence in performing treatments.

I would definitely highly recommend this course to anyone.

Chizelle Homan

Diploma of Beauty Therapy Student

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