Mick Edwards // Diploma of Business

“I have recently had the pleasure of undertaking and completing the Diploma of Business through TrainSmart Australia. What began as an experiment in studying with a full-time job and three small children turned out to be an incredibly positive, fulfilling and worthwhile endeavour.

I am currently employed as the Senior Quality Assurance Analyst for a large aviation company. While my skill set is suited to my current role, I made the decision to undertake the Diploma of Business to expand that skill set to include an understanding of operational and management principles in a commercial environment. The course content provided me with not only an understanding of those principles but additionally provided skills and knowledge from every subject that were immediately applicable and beneficial to my employment performance and development.

While the course content alone was relevant and beneficial, the course trainer Lorraine Schaefer was the major reason that the Diploma was such a positive and worthwhile experience. Lorraine’s passion for educating, coaching and mentoring was evident in every single interaction I had with her for the entirety of the course. Her professionalism and dedication to her role made the task of completing the Diploma not just manageable, but extremely worthwhile and enjoyable. In a course that is marked satisfactorily, or not yet satisfactory Lorraine continuously went above and beyond by providing additional comment/mentoring on satisfactory work to ensure I got the most out of every subject I completed. Every dealing with Lorraine highlighted her value and contribution to the success of her students and the fact that Lorraine is an extremely valuable asset to TrainSmart Australia.

I look forward to returning at a later date for further study, and will have no hesitation in recommending TrainSmart Australia to any prospective students.”

Mick Edwards

Diploma of Business Student

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